Here's what my students are saying about me:

"I really appreciate our lessons, not only because Niki has a brilliant British accent, but also she is a wonderful teacher. She focused on my difficulties in learning English. Lessons were built on improving grammer and enriching my vocabulary. We did a great job with my pronunciation. She encouraged me not to be afraid to speak English, but also she taught me how to think in English. It was an amazing experience, thank you Teacher!"


 Marina from Russia 

"I have found the dialog-based lessons with Niki most helpful. We spoke at natural speed with pronunciation approval approach, my language became rich with idioms which has helped me to understand conversations with native speakers. I am very happy with my teacher Niki, will definitely recommend her lessons for others."

Nina from Ukraine 

"Niki plays a big role in the way I communicate in English. Her methods are outstanding and allows you learn English very fast. In addition, she is an extremely nice and friendly person. Her classes are so much fun that you actually don't notice you are in school.  She corrects your mistakes in a way, that you will remember forever (for example on the beach we stay in the shade and not shadow ;-) )"

 Andrea from Hungary 

"It was a big luck to get Niki as an English teacher! Niki’s teaching is professional and methodological, with a proper British accent. The lessons were informative and it was fun to get through each of new topic. I was never bored because of teacher with a great sense of humor and interesting points of view about every topic we discussed. Great personality, very professional!"

Irina from Russia

"Niki's work was essential to our success! For some time we were looking for help to prepare for the Cambridge certificate (CAE) but all school programs take too much time and are not very precise for our needs. Niki can easily spot our weaknesses and suggest specific exercises to help us improve. 

Much recommended!"

Fábio from Portugal and Maria from Poland

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